PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) is a multi-tiered framework for establishing systems, interventions and best practices around social-emotional and behavioral needs that enhances schools’ capacity to maximize outcomes for all students. This framework establishes common language and explicit expectations to help promote a positive school culture and is known as Chanhassen Elementary STAR Pride.

Chanhassen Elementary PBIS guiding beliefs:

  • Behavior is a form of communication.

  • Schools set students up for success by teaching and modeling expected behaviors, with opportunities for students to practice behavior and get feedback.  

  • Each student is unique and valued thus, relationships are essential in creating a safe and positive school environment.

  • Appropriately collecting student behavior data (both desired and undesired) helps guide decisions and practices for individual students and the school as a whole.

  • School staff members are consistent in how they encourage expected behavior and discourage undesired behavior while always putting students’ individuality first.


District 112 is committed to providing a quality education for all students. The staff at Chanhassen Elementary is committed to providing an atmosphere conducive to learning. We are proud of our students! Our school-wide positive behavior program, STAR Pride, provides an approach to improve student behavior which includes consistent enforcement of high expectations along with the teaching of positive, expected behaviors. This approach works to create an environment where students learn to be safe, kind, and responsible. Our students typically conduct themselves very appropriately, showing pride in themselves and others. We make a point of acknowledging positive, expected behavior through Star Catchers and school-wide incentives. Look for your child’s Star Catchers coming home! 

Individual Acknowledgement--STAR Catchers:

  • Used to acknowledge safe, kind, and responsible behavior 

  • Can be given by any staff member to any student.

  • Star catchers are brought to the office during the week

  • Star Catchers are randomly drawn on Fridays

  • Non-tangible experiences for students are offered (ie. visit a friend, principal lunch, visit a former teacher, game day with office staff, etc)Star Pride catcher Staff.jpg

School-Wide Acknowledgements:

  • When our Star Catchers fill the display case, a school-wide celebration occurs

Stop and Thinks:

Stop and Thinks are utilized for staff to address behavior concerns. These are utilized by staff to allow for the student to reflect on their behavior and how it affects the class or school environment. This also serves as an opportunity for the staff member to re-teach, practice, model, and/or practice the positive, expected behavior with the student. 

Office Discipline Referrals:

Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs) are given to students who need more time to refocus and discuss behavior choices with an office member.  The student will have the positive, expected behavior explained, reviewed. Parents may be notified when an ODR occurs. The STAR Pride Program was developed to enable teachers to teach and students to maximize learning time.