Summer 2018 Chromebook Information

Will students be able to use the district-issued Chromebook during the summer? Students in grades three through eleven who were issued a Chromebook this year will be allowed to take their Chromebook home for the summer. During that time they will be responsible for taking care of their district-issued device.  If a family does not want their child to have the Chromebook over the summer, the student must return the Chromebook and charger to their school’s media center before leaving for the summer. When school resumes in the fall, the same Chromebook and charger will be returned to the student during the first week of school. Consider a Protection Plan to reduce or eliminate potential fees (chargers are not covered by the protection plan) from accidental loss or damage. During the first or second week of school (each school will provide detailed directions), incoming sixth and ninth grade students will exchange their current Chromebook for a new one. Returning your Chromebook Think... Continue reading Summer 2018 Chromebook Information

SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR MAY 18, 2018, 8:00-3:00

ONE DAY ONLY! Stop in the gym on May 18th to shop the BOGO Book Fair. ALL inventory will be buy one, get one! This includes books, erasers, posters, trinkets, etc. This is a GREAT time to stock up on summer reading materials or get a gift for your favorite teacher. We will have gift certificates available to purchase for any staff member! Research shows that summer reading is a powerful way to increase reading achievement. Students who do not read over the summer can lose two to three months of reading development while those who do read tend to gain a month of reading... Continue reading SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR MAY 18, 2018, 8:00-3:00

Chanhassen Elementary Track and Field Day – Grades K-4

On Friday, May 18th, the Chanhassen Elementary P.E. Department will be holding the annual Track and Field Day.  There will be a morning and afternoon session.  The morning session will be for grades 3 and 4, and will run from 8:30 am until 11:00.  The afternoon session will be for Kindergarten and grades 1 and 2, and will start at 12:00 until about 2:00.  The rain date will be May 21st.  Feel free to bring family and friends to cheer on our students on this exciting day!  We all hope to see you... Continue reading Chanhassen Elementary Track and Field Day – Grades K-4

5th Grade District Track & Field Day

The fifth grade physical education classes will be participating in the annual district-wide Track and Field Day at Chaska High School field on Tuesday May 15. The alternative rain date will be May 22nd.  The Track and Field Day will start at 10 am and finish by approximately 2:00 pm.  Unfortunately, there will be no parking at Chaska High School for parents, but parking will be available at the Target parking lot, which is located west of the school on Pioneer Trail. Students will be riding the buses to and from the high school under classroom teacher supervision.  Each school has been assigned a color for their students to wear, which will aid in the organizing of events.  Chanhassen Elementary students will be wearing a blue t-shirt with a silkscreen school logo on the front.  These shirts will be provided to each student as a gift from our school PTO.  Family and friends are encouraged to come out and cheer on our 5th graders for this exciting and memorable day – we hope to... Continue reading 5th Grade District Track & Field Day

Fun Run April 27th

The Fun Run is just a few days away!! We are so excited!! But we need your help – we still need a few hands the day of the event. Please click this link to sign up for a shift that works best for you. Thanks in advance. Join us for our 3rd Annual Chanhassen Elementary Fun Run! Bubble Theme Friday, April 27th 4:30-6:30, Race starts at 5:15 Visit our Facebook event page: Chanhassen Elementary 3rd Annual Fun Run ** You may still register, but will be unable to get a... Continue reading Fun Run April 27th

School Garden Clean-Up

It’s time to spruce up the Chan Elementary garden and we need your help! Please join us Sunday, April 29, 1-3 pm at the school garden near the north parking lot – bring your gloves, shovels, rakes, and a paper bag for weeds. Kids make great helpers too, so bring your whole family! We will be weeding, planting, and spreading mulch. We hope you can make... Continue reading School Garden Clean-Up


FROM CABIN FEVER, TO SPRING FEVER…FINISHING STRONG! Spring Break has come and gone, the days are longer and the weather is warming up (well sort of). Spring Break usually marks the final stretch of the school year and it can be a challenge for kids to stay focused on school with warmer temperatures, spring sports and more daylight to play outside longer. But the remaining month of school is extremely important.  In the next few months our children will be learning important subject content required for successful grade completion and perhaps participating in performances and programs.  In addition, they will be preparing to take state tests that evaluate our schools and standardized tests that assess individual student academic performance which is often used to assist in placement decisions for the next school year, so finishing this school year strong will prepare them for success next year. Parents can make a big difference in helping their children stay motivated, focused and... Continue reading FROM CABIN FEVER, TO SPRING FEVER…FINISHING STRONG!

Do You Speak Your Child’s Love Language?

All children have the need to be unconditionally loved and accepted, especially by their parents.  The experience of receiving love, respect and acceptance is tied to a child’s sense of self-worth and value which many experts believe is the foundation for several important childhood outcomes such as academic success, decision making, problem solving, healthy relationships and more. How do you show love to your child?  Did you know that every child (like every adult) expresses and receives love best through one of five communication styles called their “love language”?  Psychologist, Gary Chapman, Ph.D. and Dr. Ross Campbell, M.D., in their book The Five Love Languages of Children have identified these five styles.    They assert that when you identify and communicate with your child in their primary love language that you meet their deepest emotional needs thereby providing them with the best preparation possible for a healthy and satisfying future. What is your child’s primary love... Continue reading Do You Speak Your Child’s Love Language?

Handling Holiday Stress

As we enter the holiday season you may be feeling tired, stressed and out of time. Your child may be feeling the very same way. Consequently, our holiday expectations of joy and family time can take a back seat to the disappointment of impatience, short tempers and frustration. There is good reason however, to protect your family time and joy from whatever the joy “stealers” are in your life and in the life of your kids. There is a significant amount of research surrounding the science of joy and why it is important for you and your child to be intentional about increasing joy, not just at the holidays but every day. Some of the benefits of joyful living are: • Increased life span • Better health • More satisfying relationships • Goal attainment • Greater fulfillment in work and daily pursuits Of course these are outcomes that we would like for both our kids and ourselves. The demands of parenting, especially the challenges of raising school age kids can thwart our efforts of seeking... Continue reading Handling Holiday Stress

Welcome Back to School Parents!

Hopefully your family has had a smooth transition to the routines of school.  Here are a few tips to improve homework struggles and to get the most out of the up-coming October parent-teacher conferences. Schedule yours today! HOMEWORK TIPS…… Allow your child time to decompress after school.  A light, healthy snack a chat with you or about 20 minutes outside can do wonders when it is time to sit down and focus on homework. Make homework time the same time each day.  Building homework into the regular routine will decrease homework battles.  Assume your child will need about 10 minutes of time, per grade level.  So expect a fifth grade student to need about 50 minutes a day for homework.  Most importantly, try to get homework done before tiredness sets in.  Homework will take twice as long and be at least twice as difficult the later it is done. Help your child know when it’s time to move on.  There comes a point of diminished returns when it comes to homework.  If your child is... Continue reading Welcome Back to School Parents!