Do You Speak Your Child’s Love Language?

All children have the need to be unconditionally loved and accepted, especially by their parents.  The experience of receiving love, respect and acceptance is tied to a child’s sense of self-worth and value which many experts believe is the foundation for several important childhood outcomes such as academic success, decision making, problem solving, healthy relationships and more. How do you show love to your child?  Did you know that every child (like every adult) expresses and receives love best through one of five communication styles called their “love language”?  Psychologist, Gary Chapman, Ph.D. and Dr. Ross Campbell, M.D., in their book The Five Love Languages of Children have identified these five styles.    They assert that when you identify and communicate with your child in their primary love language that you meet their deepest emotional needs thereby providing them with the best preparation possible for a healthy and satisfying future. What is your child’s primary love... Continue reading Do You Speak Your Child’s Love Language?

Handling Holiday Stress

As we enter the holiday season you may be feeling tired, stressed and out of time. Your child may be feeling the very same way. Consequently, our holiday expectations of joy and family time can take a back seat to the disappointment of impatience, short tempers and frustration. There is good reason however, to protect your family time and joy from whatever the joy “stealers” are in your life and in the life of your kids. There is a significant amount of research surrounding the science of joy and why it is important for you and your child to be intentional about increasing joy, not just at the holidays but every day. Some of the benefits of joyful living are: • Increased life span • Better health • More satisfying relationships • Goal attainment • Greater fulfillment in work and daily pursuits Of course these are outcomes that we would like for both our kids and ourselves. The demands of parenting, especially the challenges of raising school age kids can thwart our efforts of seeking... Continue reading Handling Holiday Stress

Welcome Back to School Parents!

Hopefully your family has had a smooth transition to the routines of school.  Here are a few tips to improve homework struggles and to get the most out of the up-coming October parent-teacher conferences. Schedule yours today! HOMEWORK TIPS…… Allow your child time to decompress after school.  A light, healthy snack a chat with you or about 20 minutes outside can do wonders when it is time to sit down and focus on homework. Make homework time the same time each day.  Building homework into the regular routine will decrease homework battles.  Assume your child will need about 10 minutes of time, per grade level.  So expect a fifth grade student to need about 50 minutes a day for homework.  Most importantly, try to get homework done before tiredness sets in.  Homework will take twice as long and be at least twice as difficult the later it is done. Help your child know when it’s time to move on.  There comes a point of diminished returns when it comes to homework.  If your child is... Continue reading Welcome Back to School Parents!

Our New-look Elementary Gradebooks/Parent Portal

If something looks different when you check grades in Parent Portal (aka Infinite Campus), it’s by design. As part of our focus on personalized learning, we modified Parent Portal to match a grading system that measures learning — the concepts a student knows and can apply. Too often in the past, traditional grades were goals to reach in order to stop learning. That’s not productive or a reflection of how people actually learn. Learning is a process — sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it requires extra review and practice. And a final grade, especially at elementary, should reflect a year’s worth of learning. Here’s what’s different in Parent Portal: • Subjects (math, reading, etc.) are organized by Power Standard and learning targets. Each subject has Power Standards and under each Power Standard are learning targets. Students show their teacher they have learned each target and once all targets are learned, we are confident the student can apply that Power Standard.... Continue reading Our New-look Elementary Gradebooks/Parent Portal

Top 10 Back To School Tips

You did it! The kids are back in school, routines have been established (well mostly) and another begins. Here are ten tips to help your family navigate the transition more smoothly. 1.  Limit after school activities.  Over-scheduling undermines your child’s overall success in school, at home and with friends.  Keep the schedule simple and predictable. 2.  Ensure adequate sleep & nutrition.Most children require 10 hours of sleep nightly.  Healthy meals and snacks (non-processed, fresh foods) fuel optimal school performance. 3.  Create predictable and manageable routines. Routines provide structure, self- control and build time management skills.  Post the schedule on your refrigerator. 4.  Build down-time into your schedule.  Your child needs time to play outside every day.  Outdoor time is good for your child’s brain, body, creativity and reduces stress. 5.  Help your child get organized. Make a daily checklist (do homework, get mom/ dad to sign planner, pack... Continue reading Top 10 Back To School Tips