Spring Break has come and gone, the days are longer and the weather is warming up (well sort of). Spring Break usually marks the final stretch of the school year and it can be a challenge for kids to stay focused on school with warmer temperatures, spring sports and more daylight to play outside longer.

But the remaining month of school is extremely important.  In the next few months our children will be learning important subject content required for successful grade completion and perhaps participating in performances and programs.  In addition, they will be preparing to take state tests that evaluate our schools and standardized tests that assess individual student academic performance which is often used to assist in placement decisions for the next school year, so finishing this school year strong will prepare them for success next year.

Parents can make a big difference in helping their children stay motivated, focused and engaged these last few warmer months of school.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Maintain consistent family routines such as mealtimes, bedtimes and homework times. Plan for homework to be finished before sports practices when possible.
  •  Regular, on-time school attendance is crucial for success.
  • Remind your child that school doesn’t end until June 4th and that you expect him to continue to do his best until then. Consider using short-term incentives for extra motivation for task completion.
  • Ask your child to tell you about her day and what she is learning so she knows you are still engaged too.
  • Ensure that your child receives adequate rest and a good breakfast on test days.
  • Offer to help with homework and contact your child’s teacher if he seems to be struggling.
  •  Be aware of homework or project deadlines. Review homework to ensure it is complete.
  •  Continue to read daily with your child. 20 minutes is still MAGIC!!!
  •  Have lunch with your child in the school cafeteria before the end of the year.
  •  Volunteer in your child’s classroom, cafeteria or library.
  •  Attend evening school events this spring.
  •  Engage in outdoor play together for fun and to help her burn off extra energy. LIMIT MEDIA/TECHNOLOGY!
  •  Recognize your child’s effort with an end-of-year celebration.

The school year is like a marathon, the final leg of the race determines the outcome. Let’s support, encourage and cheer our kids on to the finish line!   Happy Spring!!!

Lisa Weir, M.Ed., District 112 Parent & Family Educator ,                                                        weirli@district112.org