During the past couple of weeks many students have had their first chance to check out books from our school collection. This is an exciting event for all! Our younger students feel very “grown up” as they independently choose their book and have the personal responsibility of caring for that book.

Students in Grades K, 1 and 2 are spending time discussing how to take care of library books. We especially stress the importance of keeping books clean and dry. Snacks or beverages often are both placed in a backpack together. Please consider separating one or the other in a zip-lock bag for protection. Here is a list of ideas for family conversation around the topic of how to take good care of books we borrow from the school media center:

  • I can use clean hands when I read a book.
  • I can carry my books to and from school in a book bag or backpack.
  • I can keep my books safe at home from water, pets and little sisters and brothers.
  • I can turn the pages using my “pinchers” and the top or bottom page corner.
  • I can mark my place in a book with a bookmark. Dog earring the page can damage the book.
  • I can keep my books free of writing, scribbling, drawing, or cutting the pages of my book.
  • I can keep my book(s) in a special place at home so it doesn’t get lost.*
  • I can always remember to return my library books back on time.

*You can support your child by helping them find one special place where they keep their library books at home. This could be on a bedside table or a family bookshelf. If there are pets or younger children in your home make sure the place is high enough so books will be safe. Having one special place for school library books will help kids develop an age appropriate sense of responsibility. It will give them a framework for keeping track of their belongings. Sometimes our students travel between different homes during the week. Children can find it tricky to keep track of their belongings. I have suggested that these students keep their books in their backpacks at all times when they are not reading them. That way, the books are always with them. Please use any other ideas you have to help them stay organized.

Books are due one week after check out. Each class has their special day and you can find the check-out schedule on our school media center website under Policies and Procedures: http://chn.district112.org/our-school/media-center/

The number of books students can check out varies between grade levels. Any student may return a book at any time by dropping it in the hallway book drop right outside the media center door. They are also free to ask their teacher for a time to come to check out new books on days other than their scheduled check out day.

Kindergraten: 1 book at a time

Grade 1: 1 book until Nov. 4th, then 2 books at a time

Grade 2: 2 books at a time

Grades 3-4-5: 3 books at a time

Our students are off to a great start. Thank you for partnering with me and helping to make this a successful school year for all.

Anne Jones, Information, Innovation Learning Specialist