Will students be able to use the district-issued Chromebook during the summer?

Students in grades three through eleven who were issued a Chromebook this year will be allowed to take their Chromebook home for the summer. During that time they will be responsible for taking care of their district-issued device.  If a family does not want their child to have the Chromebook over the summer, the student must return the Chromebook and charger to their school’s media center before leaving for the summer. When school resumes in the fall, the same Chromebook and charger will be returned to the student during the first week of school.

Consider a Protection Plan to reduce or eliminate potential fees (chargers are not covered by the protection plan) from accidental loss or damage.

During the first or second week of school (each school will provide detailed directions), incoming sixth and ninth grade students will exchange their current Chromebook for a new one.

Returning your Chromebook

Think you’ll move this summer? RETURN IT!
If your family may move this summer, you must return your Chromebook to school before June 3. Once your student is unenrolled from Eastern Carver County Schools, his/her Google account will be removed and the Chromebook will not function. Even if you are unsure but there is a chance your family may move over the summer, the Chromebook must be returned before June 3. If you end up not moving, your student can retrieve the Chromebook at their school after the school year starts.  Please note: if you move out of the district at any time, part of your student’s exit process is to return the Chromebook.

2018 graduating seniors
All 2018 seniors and students not returning to Eastern Carver County Schools for 2018-19 school year must return their assigned Chromebook, in working order, with a power charger, to the school’s Media/Innovation Center before leaving for the summer.

Note: When a student turns in their Chromebook at the end of 12th grade, or exchanges it at the beginning of sixth or ninth grades, the Chromebook and power charger must be in full working condition. Normal wear-and-tear and cosmetic issues are acceptable but damage to a device will result in charges. If a Chromebook is covered by the district’s Chromebook Protection Plan, damages on the returned Chromebook will be covered according to plan details. If a Chromebook is not returned, fees related to replacement of device will be charged. If a power charger is not returned, a fee will be assessed as power chargers are not covered under the protection plan. For details, see: Will I have any fees when I return my end-of-life Chromebook?

Chromebook protection plan available – a good idea for summer
If your student will have a Chromebook over the summer, families should consider buying a protection plan. This is an optional program that reduces the cost of fixing or replacing a Chromebook. Coverage is $25 and is effective through summer of 2019.  The $25 damage waiver plan eliminates most families’ out-of-pocket costs. For pricing examples and more information go to http://eccs.mn/chromeprotect

How can I get help with my Chromebook over the summer?
During the summer students can get help with forgotten passwords and other issues with their Chromebook (lost/failed/damaged) by emailing 112chromehelp@district112.org or by leaving a voicemail at 952-556-7777.

Someone will respond to your request in 3 or less business days.  NOTE: If your device requires repair, you will need to drop the Chromebook off at the Welcome Center (11 Peavey Rd., Chaska). You will be notified when the device is repaired and is ready to be picked up.

Screen Time

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What are the expectations of students over the summer with the District issued Chromebook?
  • Students will fully charge the Chromebook at least once a month.
  • Students will protect the device from damage, defacement, and will not leave it unattended.
  • Students will practice responsible digital citizenship at all times.
  • Students must remember that they should not give their device to others to use.
  • Students may be responsible for any inappropriate content viewed on the device and any damage that may occur.
  • Students will never give their login information to other students.
  • Students will report any damage or loss to the welcome center during the summer or the media center at the school they attend once school resumes.
  • Students will use their district issued Chromebook for educational purposes only.
  • Students will not download unnecessary or questionable games/apps that are not for learning.
  • Students will work with parents on how to use this learning device over the summer.