K-1 assessment days Sept. 4 & 5 – their first day is Sept. 6

Beginning fall of 2018, families of K-1 students will schedule a 30- to 40-minute assessment conference on Sept. 4 or 5. The first day of school for kindergarten and grade 1 will be Sept. 6.

Eastern Carver County Schools elementary schools are building off of a current practice where kindergarten students have an assessment time with the teacher before the start of the school year. Parents/guardians should plan for an hour in order to prepare information or complete forms prior to the conference. A large portion of time will be devoted to the student to complete assessments with the teacher or a paraprofessional.

This conference has three goals:

  • Students will be on track with their learning earlier in the year. Teachers get to know their students individually right from the start and can plan more personalized instruction earlier in the school year.
  • Parents/guardians can have one-to-one time with the teacher before fall conferences, which typically are six weeks into the school year. This private, personal setting will be more comfortable for sharing information about their child.
  • This time allows teachers to complete individual math and reading assessments they need for the start of the school year. Right now, it takes teachers four to six weeks to assess each student during the school day while also teaching.

Students who cannot attend an assessment conference will be assessed during the school year. Elementary schools will share the link to an online sign-up in their back-to-school letters. Families also can contact the main office to schedule the conference after receiving the back-to-school letter.

Beginning in fall of 2019, assessment conferences will extend to all elementary grades, K-5. The 2019-20 school year calendar will be developed in fall/winter of 2019 to include elementary assessment dates. The next two years of school calendars are expected be approved by the School Board some time between January and March.