If something looks different when you check grades in Parent Portal (aka Infinite Campus), it’s by design. As part of our focus on personalized learning, we modified Parent Portal to match a grading system that measures learning — the concepts a student knows and can apply. Too often in the past, traditional grades were goals to reach in order to stop learning. That’s not productive or a reflection of how people actually learn. Learning is a process — sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it requires extra review and practice. And a final grade, especially at elementary, should reflect a year’s worth of learning. Here’s what’s different in Parent Portal: • Subjects (math, reading, etc.) are organized by Power Standard and learning targets. Each subject has Power Standards and under each Power Standard are learning targets. Students show their teacher they have learned each target and once all targets are learned, we are confident the student can apply that Power Standard. • There are four categories of learning for each learning target: Approaching Level, Basic Level, Meets Level, and Extends Level. • Most students start the year in Approaching and Basic. As they progress they move into Meet or Extends. • 1st and 2nd trimester grades are always “in progress.” They are never final grades. The only final grade comes at the end of the school year, with the 3rd trimester grade.