Summer, Summer, Summer!

It’s true, school is almost out.  You may have lots planned already or perhaps you haven’t given it much thought yet.  But it’s coming.  Your kids are excited.  No more text books, teachers and homework, for a few months anyway.  For parents however, summer may present mixed feelings.  You might be excited for the change in routine too.  But with the change in routine comes the question, “What do I do with the kids all summer”?  Then there’s the kids question that generally happens sometime during the first week of summer break, “I’m bored, what can I do?”  Ah, the joy of summer! As parents we want to consider summer activities that do more than simply fill time.  We want to be intentional about the developmental opportunities that summer presents.  Here are a few important suggestions for helping you and your kids make the most of the warm, wonderful days of summer. Make an idea jar.  With your kids, brainstorm ideas for things they can do at home this summer and write them down on... Continue reading Summer, Summer, Summer!