Parent Input on Student Placement Forms

Student Placement Process for 2018-2019 begins soon. In the coming months, our teachers will begin the process of creating next year’s class placements. We will be working hard to consider the following factors as we create next year’s classes:

  • Academic achievement
  • Emotional/social combinations
  • Effective grouping
  • Special needs of students
  • Teaching styles
  • Gender balance

If you have information about your child you believe should be considered as we build next year’s classes, please pick up a form that is available beginning on April 2nd called Parent Input on Student Placement. These forms will be available in the office. Please understand that many factors need to be considered as we build class lists. While your input is valued, we may not be able to honor special requests. We do our best to place all children in a classroom that best meets individual needs. The forms will be available in the office after April 2nd with a deadline for returning them by April 13th.

Our school has been on an incredible journey of learning for our students, staff, and community. To achieve the goal of having exceptional, personalized learning for every student, we continue to spend a great deal of time focusing on a project-based/STEAM approach to learning. We want kids to be so excited about their learning that when they sit around the dinner table they can’t help but talk about what’s happening at Chanhassen Elementary!

It is wonderful to see the dedication and commitment our entire staff shows to meet these goals! We are truly blessed to have their talents to help us on this journey. At Chanhassen we continue to offer more project-based learning opportunities where students will learn by actively solving problems while creating projects. Our amazing teachers collaborate to find ways to link subjects together and make them relevant to students’ daily lives. Learning is more hands-on and personalized as we use the “design process” to build our lessons and units.

So you are probably still thinking, “What about next year?” Well, we will continue to build upon our successes from this and previous years. We will continue to have options for parents. We will be in our sixth year of the K|1|2 multi-age approach and the ¾ multi-age approach. We will also continue to have the grade level family approaches. Please know that wherever your son or daughter is placed for the upcoming school year – our ultimate goal is to provide exceptional, personalized learning!


Grade level family approach

We have grade level teachers who create a family of learners at each grade level who also infuse project-based learning in their day. Each grade level team would have a common schedule that allows for ways to personalize the learning through a project-based approach. Students would still have a homeroom teacher, but there would be opportunities to work with other grade level teachers during the school year.

K | 1 | 2 – a family approach

We have teachers who organize themselves into a family that includes a kindergarten teacher, a 1st grade teacher, and a 2nd grade teacher. This family of teachers will be able to have a common schedule and look for ways to really infuse project-based learning across the curriculum. This would mean that students would still have one of them as a homeroom teacher, but during project time, they might have the opportunity to work in different rooms, with various students, all while focused on standards-based learning.


3/4 – a multi-age approach

We also have teachers who form multi-age classrooms of third grade students and fourth grade students. They will also be able to create a common schedule that will provide many opportunities for personalized learning. This approach will also help to create student leadership opportunities in a flexible environment.