Parent Input on Student Placement Forms

Parent Input on Student Placement Forms Student Placement Process for 2019-2020 begins soon. In the coming months, our teachers will begin the process of creating next year’s class placements. We will be working hard to consider the following factors as we create next year’s classes: Academic achievement Emotional/social combinations Effective grouping Special needs of students Teaching styles Gender balance If you have information about your child you believe should be considered as we build next year’s classes, please pick up a form that is available beginning on April 1st called Parent Input on Student Placement. These forms will be available in the office. Please understand that many factors need to be considered as we build class lists. While your input is valued, we may not be able to honor special requests. We do our best to place all children in a classroom that best meets individual needs. The forms will be available in the office after April 1st with a... Continue reading Parent Input on Student Placement Forms

Mindset Matters!!!

As parents, we are always looking for ways to bolster our teen’s self- confidence.  Most of us have been using praise as a way to cheer them on from the time they took their first steps and we continue to do so as they take on new challenges.    We praise our children’s efforts with the very best of intentions. Dr. Carol Dweck, of Stanford University has done extensive research on the use and effects of praise on student’s academic performance that may cause us to rethink how we praise and coach our kids.  The details of her research can be found in her book, Mindset, The New Psychology of Success. Her research found that kids who are praised for their intelligence are less likely to pursue more difficult or challenging tasks, and children who are praised for their hard work and effort are more likely to persist in challenging or difficult tasks.  Of course we want our kids to work hard and persevere in their school work whether that be trying to figure out a really difficult math... Continue reading Mindset Matters!!!