#Stigma180 – reverse the stigma on mental health issues

#Stigma180 is the name of an anti-stigma campaign that runs January through April 2017.  The campaign is aimed at reversing — “doing a 180” — about the stigma surrounding mental health.  You’ll see the hashtag #Stigma180 used to tie different elements of the campaign together across social media, buildings, and school and community events. The campaign was created by specialized services staff with  the following goals in mind: to provide accurate information and resources about mental health to increase awareness, understanding, sensitivity, and responsiveness to mental health in our schools and community to engage members of the district and community in a dialogue and conversation about mental well- being and overall health. Questions? Contact ECCS Family School Coordinators: Samantha Lundgren (lundgrens@district112.org) or Eric Dean (DeanE@district112.org).  Follow @Stigma180 on Twitter for updates. Join us for one of the 10 presentations in the... Continue reading #Stigma180 – reverse the stigma on mental health issues

Raising Grateful Kids

RAISING GRATEFUL KIDS Gratitude is an important character trait that works like a muscle.  It needs a regular work out to grow and maintain its strength.   Most parents want their kids to be thankful and appreciate all that we do for them.  No parent wants a self-centered, spoiled and entitled child.  Interestingly, research also indicates that children with a grateful life view are not only more enjoyable to be with they also have many more positive and tangible life outcomes than those who don’t. A recent study showed that kids who practiced gratefulness every day for two weeks had a better outlook on school and greater life satisfaction three weeks later.  Another study showed that kids who showed high levels of gratitude and/or thankfulness for beauty of nature and strong appreciation of other people had reported having stronger GPA’s, less depression, envy and a more positive outlook than less grateful students.  Teens who strongly connected buying and owning things with success... Continue reading Raising Grateful Kids