Chanhassen Elementary

Do You Speak Your Child’s Love Language?

All children have the need to be unconditionally loved and accepted, especially by their parents.  The experience of receiving love, respect and acceptance is tied to a child’s sense of self-worth and value which many experts believe is the foundation for several...

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Handling Holiday Stress

As we enter the holiday season you may be feeling tired, stressed and out of time. Your child may be feeling the very same way. Consequently, our holiday expectations of joy and family time can take a back seat to the disappointment of impatience, short tempers and...

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Welcome Back to School Parents!

Hopefully your family has had a smooth transition to the routines of school.  Here are a few tips to improve homework struggles and to get the most out of the up-coming October parent-teacher conferences. Schedule yours today! HOMEWORK TIPS…… Allow your child time to...

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